Hotel Operations

You'll need toilet paper for this mess! Hotel Operations are not simple. From managing a leaky faucet to a disgruntled customer or remembering to order waffle mix. Wait; did you set the rates higher for that special holiday weekend? Oh where were we... oh the toilet paper-2 ply or 1 ply? 1 ply will shave your costs, but remember that disgruntled customer-well you get the point! Running a hotel is hard. INNsight Hospitality Group takes the guesswork out of the guest work from both the mundane and the stressful. Here's how we do it:

Productivity Management

Our team helps clients maximize resourcing of employees using specialized productivity management tools. We use sales forecasts to allocate human resources effectively and can also target housekeeping hours per occupied room, facilities and maintenance costs, etc. Our goal is to manage efficiently to improve your hotel's bottom line.

Facilities & Maintenance

Hotels are facilities. Without a facility that offers comfort and suitability to host a guest, you simply don't have a hotel! We are experts at facility management. With decades of experience we have seen all types of issues from fires to busted pipes. Many issues are preventative and we have the processes and wherewithal to nip issues in the bud.


We have contracts with national and regional supply companies and our experience with facilities management provides insight into what you need, when you need it, and how much you need. We know where to buy from and how much such materials or supplies should cost.


It's all in the data, as they say. We are a very data-driven business and our MIS systems will help you analyze how efficiently your employees are operating and how your hotel is performing.