Human Resources

Hiring and Firing. Oh, the joys of operating a business. So goes the fiddler's tale. That's why you shouldn't fiddle around. Managing human resources effectively is essential to the growth and management of your hotel property. INNsight Hospitality Group is a full employee leasing company with the ability to onboard employees with ease and since Human Resource Management is not only about hiring and firing, INNsight really has the processes in place to ensure that the right employees are not only hired for the right job, but retained, kept happy and healthy, and produce excellent performance for your hospitality driven business. The last thing you need in your hotel is a disgruntled employee who is not trained to get the job done right!

INNsight Hospitality Group specializes in helping properties identify the best candidates for various employment opportunities and can also assist with training programs, payroll, and benefits packages.

Our services include:

Hiring Resources

Our human resources team works very closely with our clients to understand their employment needs. We help with job postings. We use sophisticated screening tools to ensure we match quality talent for all types of positions. We perform substance abuse checks and also offer background checks to determine the suitability of employees for a position at your hotel.

Training Resources

We have a laser focus on hospitality. Without happy guests, you have no hotel-without an understanding of hospitality you might as well put a For Sale sign on your door. Hospitality is the name of the game in our business. Our training programs are designed to ensure maximum customer satisfaction and exceptional service to your... our guests. We provide training resources for new hires, continuing education programs for existing employees, and other training materials to ensure all employees can fulfill their job duties and meet the needs of their job function and ultimately ensure hotel guests have a pleasurable stay. Our hands-on approach with your hotel physically makes certain that we understand the concerns of employees and guests alike.

Payroll & Benefit Programs

We manage payroll and benefits programs for our clients so they do not have to worry about the ridiculous amounts of paperwork involved with running a hotel operation. Let us worry about applications, W-2s, I-9s, etc. since we know the ABCs of managing a workforce.