Who are we?

Our mission is to create a legacy built on a foundation of hard work and service to others by striving toward The American Dream. This, we believe, lends itself perfectly to the tenets of hospitality. We focus on operating client hotels in tourist markets because our pride is in showing off our country and providing a great hospitality experience for guests from around The World.

So, Who Has INNsight?

Harry Patel
Harry Patel is a Principal at INNsight. With decades of experience in operations, inventory management and accounting, Harry brings a deep knowledge and expertise of business management across several industries ranging from alcoholic beverages and retail to leisure and real estate. Harry is a graduate of San Francisco State University and has a Bachelors Degree in Accounting.
Ray Patel
Ray has a knack for seeing opportunity. Ray, a Principal at INNsight, has a keen business sense and eye for real estate opportunities that is honed from years of hands on management and operations of several businesses. Ray has overseen the purchase, operations, and sale of many properties over the past several decades and drives much of the vision of The Company.
Raj Patel
Raj is one of INNsight’s co-founders and as CEO is responsible for driving strategy and technology investments. With a decade of experience in High Technology as a management consultant at Accenture and Senior Manager, Strategy at eBay, Raj is driving the development of INNsight.com while managing the INNsight Real Estate Portfolio. Raj has a Bachelors Degree from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.
Roshan Patel
Roshan co-founded INNsight Hospitality Group with his brother Raj when they saw the need to evolve an organization around the successes of their family enterprises. As CTO, Roshan is responsible for driving much of INNsight’s technologies and the operational efficiencies of the varied properties of The Portfolio. Roshan has a Bachelors Degree in Economics from the University of California, San Diego
Krystal Patel
Krystal is INNsight’s Chief Accountant and VP of Human Resources. Let’s just say she’s got a lot of beans on her plate. She is a number cruncher and meticulous operator helping make sure the wheels stay on our business as we move forward. Krystal has years of experience in bookkeeping and tax accounting having worked at a top CPA Firm. Krystal graduated from Cal State Hayward with a degree in Accounting.
Sue Patel
Sue is our Lead Designer and VP of Hospitality. We think hospitality is the name of the game in the hotel industry, and decided that this discipline needs an evangelist and well, Sue is just awesome at hospitality. Sue brings an enthusiasm for hotels and is a creative wizard who really brings the special touches to our client hotels from the interior design to the guest services that we offer. She truly brings together all of our Leadership Team’s strengths and delivers the secret sauce to make our guests’ stays memorable.
Lucy Patel
Lucy is the VP of Operations and Facilities for INNsight Hospitality Group. With decades of experience in managing properties, Lucy gets her hands dirty and she’s really good with a screwdriver and hammer. When something breaks, who you gonna call? Lucy knows how to fix problems and has an extensive rolodex of suppliers and vendors to get the job done. Resourceful and knowledgeable, Lucy manages ordering supplies, parts, and equipment with efficiency ensuring our clients are saving wherever they can while keeping the shelves stocked and their properties running without a hiccup.
Rajni Patel
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